Staza 104


Il gentile uomo, fatto secondo che il marchese il pregava, entrato in cammino dopo alquanti dí con la fanciulla e col fratello e con nobile compagnia in su l'ora del desinare giunse a Sanluzzo, dove tutti i paesani e molti altri vicini da torno trovò che attendevan questa novella sposa di Gualtieri.

The gentleman did as the Marquis bade him, and within a few days of his setting forth arrived at Saluzzo about breakfast-time with the girl, and her brother, and a noble company, and found all the folk of those parts, and much people besides, gathered there in expectation of Gualtieri's new bride.


Quod ille fideliter executurus, puellam iam nubilem, excellentem forma preclaroque conspicuam ornatu, germanumque simul suum annum iam septimum agentem ducens, cum eximia nobilium comitiva, statuto die iter arripuit.

His kinsman faithfully performed these orders and set out upon his journey on the appointed day, bringing with him, amid a brilliant throng of noblemen, the young maiden, who was now of marriageable age, of excellent beauty, and adorned with magnificent attire; and with her he brought her brother, who was now in his seventh year.


Arrayed was toward hir mariage
This fresshe mayde, ful of gemmes cleere;
Hir brother, which that seven yeer was of age,
Arrayed eek ful fressh in his manere.
And thus in greet noblesse, and with glad cheere,
Toward Saluces shapynge hir journey,
Fro day to day they ryden in hir wey.

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