Stanza 95


No Analogue


sic ut duorum non nisi unus animus videretur, isque non comunis amborum sed viri duntaxat unius, uxor enim per se nichil velle, ut dictum est, nichil nolle firmaverat.

so that it seemed there was but one mind between them, and that not common to them both, but, to say truth, the husband's alone; for the wife had declared, as has been said, that she had no wishes of her own.


For which it semed thus, that of hem two
Ther nas but o wyl; for, as Walter leste,
The same lust was hir plesance also,
And, God be thanked, al fil for the beste.
She shewed wel, for no worldly unreste
A wyf as of hirself no thing ne sholde
Wille in effect, but as hir housbonde wolde.

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