Stanza 117


e se voi giudicate onesto che quel corpo nel quale io ho portati i figliuoli da voi generati sia da tutti veduto, io me n'andrò ignuda;

And if you deem it seemly that that body in which I have borne children, by you begotten, be beheld of all, naked will I depart;


reliqui anuli et vestes et ornamenta quibus te donante ad invidiam aucta eram, in thalamo tuo sunt. Nuda e domo patris egressa, nuda itidem revertar, nisi quod indignum reor ut hic uterus in quo filii fuerunt quos tu genuisti, populo nudus appareat. Quamobrem

And the other rings and finery, with which your gifts have enriched me to the point of envy, are in your chamber. Naked I came from my father's house, and naked shall I return again, – save that I think it unseemly that this belly, in which the children you begot were shaped, should appear naked before the people.


The remenant of youre jueles redy be
In-with youre chambre, dar I saufly sayn.
Naked out of my fadres hous," quod she,
"I cam, and naked moot I turne agayn.
Al your plesance wol I folwen fayn,
But yet I hope it be nat your entente
That I smoklees out of your paleys wente.

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