Stanza 90


della qual cosa la donna né altro viso né altre parole fece che della fanciulla fatte avesse,

Whereat the lady shewed no more discomposure of countenance or speech than at the loss of her daughter:


«Et tene» inquit «fac quod iussus es. Unum nunc etiam precor: ut, si fieri potest, hos artus teneros infantis egregii protegas a vexatione volucrum ac ferarum».

Then she gave him to the fellow who had come to seek him, and she said, "Take him, too, and do what you are bidden. But one thing I beg of you: that if it can be done, you will protect the tender limbs of my beautiful baby against the ravages of birds and beasts."


Save this, she preyde hym, that if he myghte,
Hir litel sone he wolde in erthe grave
His tendre lymes, delicaat to sighte,
Fro foweles and fro beestes for to save.
But she noon answere of hym myghte have,
He wente his wey, as hym nothyng ne roghte,
But to Boloigne he tendrely it broghte.

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