Stanza 85


La donna con paziente animo l'ascoltò né altro rispose se non: "Signor mio, pensa di contentar te e di sodisfare al piacer tuo e di me non avere pensiere alcuno, per ciò che niuna cosa m'è cara se non quanto io la veggo a te piacere".

The lady heard him patiently, and answered only: "My lord, study how thou mayst content thee and best please thyself, and waste no thought upon me, for there is nought I desire save in so far as I know that 'tis thy pleasure."


Ad hec illa «Et dixi» ait «et repeto, nichil possum seu velle seu nolle nisi quod tu, neque vero in his filiis quicquam habeo preter laborem.

To which she made answer: "I have said, and I say again, that I can have no wishes save yours. In these children, indeed, I have no share, beyond the pangs of labor.


"I have," quod she, "seyd thus, and evere shal,
I wol no thyng, ne nyl no thyng, certayn,
But as yow list. Naught greveth me at al
Though that my doughter and my sone be slayn-
At youre comandement, this is to sayn.
I have noght had no part of children tweyne
But first siknesse, and after wo and peyne.

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