Stanza 123


per che recatigliele e ella rivestitiglisi, a' piccoli servigi della paterna casa si diede sí come far soleva, con forte animo sostenendo il fiero assalto della nemica fortuna.

now brought them to her; and she, having resumed them, applied herself to the petty drudgery of her father's house, as she had been wont, enduring with fortitude this cruel visitation of adverse Fortune.


Audito ergo non tam filie tacite redeuntis quam comitum strepitu, occurrit in limine et seminudam antiqua veste cohoperuit.

Hearing the uproar, not of his daughter, who returned in silence, but of the accompanying throng, he ran to meet her at the threshold and covered her, half naked as she was, with the old gown.


Agayns his doghter hastily goth he,
For he by noyse of folk knew hir comynge,
And with hir olde coote, as it myghte be,
He covered hir, ful sorwefully wepynge,
But on hir body myghte he it nat brynge.
For rude was the clooth, and moore of age
By dayes fele than at hir mariage.

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