Stanza 113


piacevi di rivolerlo, e a me dee piacere e piace di renderlovi: ecco il vostro anello col quale voi mi sposaste, prendetelo.

'Tis your pleasure to recall it, and therefore it should be, and is, my pleasure to render it up to you. So, here is your ring, with which you espoused me; take it back.


Nove coniugi volens cedo, que tibi utinam felix adveniat, atque hinc ubi iocundissime degebam quando ita tibi placitum, non invita discedo.

I readily yield place to your new bride – and may her coming bring you joy! – and I will not take away any ill feeling from this place, where I was wont to live most happily, while it so pleased you.


And of youre newe wyf, God of his grace
So graunte yow wele and prosperitee,
For I wol gladly yelden hir my place
In which that I was blisful wont to bee.
For sith it liketh yow my lord," quod shee,
"That whilom weren al myn hertes reste,
That I shal goon, I wol goon whan yow leste.

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