Stanza 144


No Analogue


stupore perfusam et velut e somno turbido experrectam, cupidis ulnis amplectitur et «Tu» ait «tu sola uxor mea es; aliam nec habui, nec habebo.

who stood all overcome with stupor and as if waking from a troubled sleep. "And you," he said, "are my only wife. I have no other, nor ever shall have.


And she for wonder took of it no keep.
She herde nat, what thyng he to hir seyde.
She ferde as she had stert out of a sleep,
Til she out of hire mazednesse abreyde.
"Grisilde," quod he, "by God that for us deyde,
Thou art my wyf, ne noon oother I have,
Ne nevere hadde, as God my soule save.

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