Stanza 121


e al padre se ne tornò con lagrime e con pianto di tutti coloro che la videro.

and went back to her father amid the tears and lamentations of all that saw her.


atque ita prosequentibus multis ac flentibus fortunamque culpantibus, siccis una oculis et honesto veneranda silentio, ad paternam domum remeavit.

Followed by many, who wept and railed at fortune, she alone dry-eyed and to be honored for her noble silence, returned to her father's house.


The folk hir folwe, wepynge in hir weye,
And Fortune ay they cursen, as they goon;
But she fro wepyng kepte hir eyen dreye,
Ne in this tyme word ne spak she noon.
Hir fader, that this tidynge herde anoon,
Curseth the day and tyme that nature
Shoop hym to been a lyves creature.

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