Stanza 143


Griselda, tempo è omai che tu senta frutto della tua lunga pazienzia,

"Griselda," said he, "'tis now time that thou see the reward of thy long patience,


ac ferre diutius non valens, «Satis» inquit «mea Griseldis, cognita et spectata michi fides est tua, nec sub celo aliquem esse puto qui tanta coniugalis amoris experimenta perceperit». Simul hec dicens, caram coniugem leto

Able to bear it no longer, he cried out, "It is enough, my Griselda! Your fidelity to me is made known and proved; nor do I think that under heaven there is another woman who has undergone such trials of her conjugal love." And saying this, with eager arms he embraced his dear wife,


"This is ynogh Grisilde myn," quod he,
"Be now namoore agast, ne yvele apayed.
I have thy feith and thy benyngnytee
As wel as evere womman was, assayed
In greet estaat, and povreliche arrayed;
Now knowe I, goode wyf, thy stedfastnesse!"
And hire in armes took, and gan hir kesse.

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