Stanza 137


La quale dalle donne ricevuta e nella sala dove erano messe le tavole venuta, Griselda, cosí come era, le si fece lietamente incontro

Who, being received by the ladies, was no sooner come into the hall, where the tables were set, than Griselda advanced to meet her,


Sic fervente convivii apparatu, ubique presens omniumque solicita Griseldis, nec tanto casu deiecta animo nec obsolete vestis pudore confusa, sed sereno vultu intranti obvia puelle,

So, while the preparations for the feast went feverishly on, Griselda, who had been present everywhere and solicitous of all – not cast down by so grievous a lot nor confused with shame for her old-fashioned clothing, but serene of countenance – came to meet the maiden as she entered.


Ful bisy was Grisilde in every thyng
That to the feeste was apertinent.
Right noght was she abayst of hir clothyng,
Thogh it were rude and somdeel eek torent,
But with glad cheere to the yate is went
With oother folk to greete the markysesse,
And after that dooth forth hir bisynesse.

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