Stanza 75


Il famigliare, presa la fanciulla e fatto a Gualtier sentire ciò che detto aveva la donna,

So the servant took the child, and told Gualtieri what the lady had said;


Reversus ad dominum, cum quid dictum quid ve responsum esset exposuisset et ei filiam obtulisset, vehementer paterna animum pietas movit; susceptum tamen rigorem propositi non inflexit,

The fellow returned to his master and told him what he had said and how Griselda had replied; and when he had given him his daughter, paternal pity touched the marquis to the heart. Nevertheless, he did not relax the rigor of his purpose.


This sergeant cam unto his lord ageyn,
And of Grisildis wordes and hire cheere
He tolde hym point for point, in short and pleyn,
And hym presenteth with his doghter deere.
Somwhat this lord hath routhe in his manere,
But nathelees his purpos heeld he stille,
As lordes doon whan they wol han hir wille;

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