Stanza 66


Questa risposta fu molto cara a Gualtieri, conoscendo costei non essere in alcuna superbia levata per onor che egli o altri fatto l'avesse. Poco tempo appresso, avendo con parole generali detto alla moglie che i subditi non potevan patir quella fanciulla di lei nata, informato un suo famigliare, il mandò a lei,

By which answer Gualtieri was well pleased, witting that she was in no degree puffed up with pride by his, or any other's, honourable entreatment of her. A while afterwards, having in general terms given his wife to understand that the vassals could not endure her daughter, he sent her a message by a servant.


Letus ille responso, sed dissimulans visu mestus abscessit, et post paululum unum suorum satellitum fidissimum sibi,

Happy in her reply, but feigning sadness in his looks, he left her; and a little later, he sent to her one of his underlings,


Glad was this markys of hir answeryng,
But yet he feyned as he were nat so.
Al drery was his cheere and his lookyng,
Whan that he sholde out of the chambre go.
Soone after this, a furlong wey or two,
He prively hath toold al his entente
Unto a man, and to his wyf hym sente.

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