Stanza 122


Giannucolo, che creder non avea mai potuto questo esser ver che Gualtieri la figliuola dovesse tener moglie, e ogni dí questo caso aspettando, guardati l'aveva i panni che spogliati s'avea quella mattina che Gualtier la sposò;

Giannucolo, who had ever deemed it a thing incredible that Gualtieri should keep his daughter to wife, and had looked for this to happen every day, and had kept the clothes that she had put off on the morning that Gualtieri had wedded her,


Senex, qui has filie nuptias semper suspectas habuerat neque unquam tantam spem mente conceperat semperque hoc eventurum cogitaverat, ut, satietate sponse tam humilis exorta, domo illam quandoque vir tantus et more nobilium superbus abiceret, tunicam eius hispidam et attritam senio, abdita parve domus in parte servaverat.

The good man, who had always held his daughter's marriage in suspicion and had never allowed himself high hopes, ever expecting it to turn out that so high-born a husband, proud after the fashion of noblemen, would one day be sated with so lowly a bride and send her home, had kept her coarse and well-worn gown hidden away in some corner of his narrow dwelling.


For out of doute this olde povre man
Was evere in suspect of hir mariage,
For evere he demed, sith that it bigan,
That whan the lord fulfild hadde his corage,
Hym wolde thynke it were a disparage
To his estaat, so lowe for talighte,
And voyden hir as soone as ever he myghte.

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