Stanza 82


"Donna, poscia che tu questo figliuol maschio facesti, per niuna guisa con questi miei viver son potuto,

"Wife," quoth he, "since thou gavest birth to this boy, I may on no wise live in peace with my vassals,


uxorem rursus affatur: «Et olim» ait «audisti populum meum egre nostrum ferre connubium, presertim ex quo te fecundam cognovere, nunquam tamen egrius quam ex quo marem peperisti.

And again he said to his wife, "Once before you have heard that my people bear our marriage ill, especially since they knew you capable of bearing children; but it has never been so bad as since you gave birth to a son.


"Wyf," quod this markys, "ye han herd er this
My peple sikly berth oure mariage;
And namely sith my sone yboren is,
Now is it worse than evere in al oure age.
The murmur sleeth myn herte and my corage,
For to myne eres comth the voys so smeerte,
That it wel ny destroyed hath myn herte.

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