Stanza 153


E quivi fattasi co' figliuoli maravigliosa festa, essendo ogni uomo lietissimo di questa cosa, il sollazzo e 'l festeggiar multiplicarono e in piú giorni tirarono; e savissimo reputaron Gualtieri, come che troppo reputassero agre e intollerabili l'esperienze prese della sua donna, e sopra tutti savissima tenner Griselda.

Wondrous was the cheer which there they made with the children; and, all overjoyed at the event, they revelled and made merry amain, and prolonged the festivities for several days; and very discreet they pronounced Gualtieri, albeit they censured as intolerably harsh the probation to which he had subjected Griselda, and most discreet beyond all compare they accounted Griselda.


plaususque letissimus et fausta omnium verba circumsonant, multoque cum gaudio et fletu ille dies celeberrimus fuit, celebrior quoque quam dies fuerat nuptiarum.

The most joyous plaudits and auspicious words from all the throng resounded all about; and the day was the most renowned that ever was for its great joy and sorrow, – more renowned, even, than the day of her nuptials had been.


Thus hath this pitous day a blisful ende,
For every man and womman dooth his myght
This day in murthe and revel to dispende,
Til on the welkne shoon the sterres lyght.
For moore solempne in every mannes syght
This feste was, and gretter of costage,
Than was the revel of hire mariage.

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