Stanza 56


Ella non fu guari con Gualtieri dimorata che ella ingravidò, e al tempo partorí una fanciulla, di che Gualtieri fece gran festa.

She had not been long with Gualtieri before she conceived; and in due time she was delivered of a girl; whereat Gualtieri made great cheer.


Not long time had passed ere she became pregnant; and after she had held her subjects for a time in anxious expectation, at length she bore the fairest of daughters. Though they had preferred a son, nevertheless she made both her husband and her country happy by this proof of her fertility they longed for.

Nec multum tempus effluxerat, dum gravida effecta, primum subditos anxia expectatione suspendit; dehinc, filiam enixa pulcerrimam, quamvis filium maluissent, tamen votiva fecunditate non virum modo sed totam patriam letam fecit.


Nat longe tyme after that this Grisild
Was wedded, she a doghter hath ybore-
Al had hir levere have born a man child;
Glad was this markys and the folk therfore,
For though a mayde child coome al bifore,
She may unto a knave child atteyne
By liklihede, syn she nys nat bareyne.

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