Stanza 108


io intendo che tu piú mia moglie non sia, ma che tu a casa Giannucolo te ne torni con la dote che tu mi recasti, e io poi un'altra, che trovata n'ho convenevole a me, ce ne menerò".

I purpose that thou go back to Giannucolo's house with the dowry that thou broughtest me; whereupon I shall bring home a lady that I have found, and who is meet to be my wife."


Esto igitur forti animo, dansque locum alteri, et dotem tuam referens, in antiquam domum equa mente revertere. Nulla homini perpetua sors est».

Therefore, be of stout heart, and yielding your place to another, take back your dowry and return to your former home with equal mind. No good fortune lasts forever."


Be strong of herte, and voyde anon hir place,
And thilke dower that ye broghten me
Taak it agayn, I graunte it of my grace.
Retourneth to youre fadres hous," quod he;
"No man may alwey han prosperitee.
With evene herte I rede yow t'endure
This strook of Fortune or of aventure."

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