Stanza 128


e faccendo fare l'apresto grande per le nozze mandò per la Griselda che a lui venisse;

He accordingly made great preparations as for the nuptials, during which he sent for Griselda.


Pridie igitur Valterius, ad se Griseldim evocans, devotissime venienti,

The day before, therefore, Walter sent for Griseldis, and when she had come with all fidelity,


The markys, which that shoop and knew al this,
Er that this Erl was come, sente his message
For thilke sely povre Grisildis;
And she with humble herte and glad visage,
Nat with no swollen thoght in hire corage
Cam at his heste, and on hir knees hire sette,
And reverently and wysely she hym grette.

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