Stanza 80


Sopravenne appresso che la donna da capo ingravidò e al tempo debito partorí un figliuol maschio, il che carissimo fu a Gualtieri;

Soon after it befell that the lady again conceived, and in due time was delivered of a son, whereat Gualtieri was overjoyed.


Transiverant hoc in statu anni quattuor, dum ecce, gravida iterum, filium elegantissimum peperit, letitiam patris ingentem atque omnium amicorum,

In this way, four years went by; and being again with child, behold she brought forth a most excellent son, a great delight to his father and all their friends.


In this estaat ther passed been foure yeer
Er she with childe was; but as God wolde,
A knave child she bar by this Walter,
Ful gracious and fair for to biholde.
And whan that folk it to his fader tolde,
Nat oonly he, but al his contree, merye
Was for this child, and God they thanke and herye.

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