Stanza 84


di che io mi dotto, se io non ci vorrò esser cacciato, che non mi convenga fare di quello che io altra volta feci e alla fine lasciar te e prendere un'altra moglie."

and therefore I fear that, so I be not minded to be sent a packing hence, I must even do herein as I did before, and in the end put thee away, and take another wife."


quibus ego, et quietis avidus et — ut verum fatear — michi metuens, permoveor ut de hoc infante disponam quod de sorore disposui. Id tibi prenuntio ne te inopinus et subitus dolor turbet».

and I, eager for peace and – to say sooth – fearing for myself, am therefore moved to dispose of this infant as I disposed of his sister. I tell you this beforehand, lest the unexpected and sudden grief disturb you."


I wolde lyve in pees, if that I myghte;
Wherfore I am disposed outrely
As I his suster servede by nyghte,
Right so thenke I to serve hym pryvely.
This warne I yow, that ye nat sodeynly
Out of yourself for no wo sholde outreye.
Beth pacient, and therof I yow preye."

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