Stanza 86


La donna con paziente animo l'ascoltò né altro rispose se non: "Signor mio, pensa di contentar te e di sodisfare al piacer tuo e di me non avere pensiere alcuno, per ciò che niuna cosa m'è cara se non quanto io la veggo a te piacere".

The lady heard him patiently, and answered only: "My lord, study how thou mayst content thee and best please thyself, and waste no thought upon me, for there is nought I desire save in so far as I know that 'tis thy pleasure."


Tu mei et ipsorum dominus; tuis in rebus iure tuo utere. Nec consensum meum queras, in ipso enim tue domus introitu ut pannos sic et voluntates affectusque meos exui; tuos indui; quacunque ergo de re quicquid tu vis, ego etiam volo.

You are my master and theirs: use your power over your own. Nor seek my consent; for when I entered your house, as I put off my clothes, so I put off my wishes and desires, and put on yours. Whatever you wish to do, therefore, about anything whatsoever, that is what I wish, too.


Ye been oure lord, dooth with your owene thyng
Right as yow list, axeth no reed at me;
For as I lefte at hoom al my clothyng,
Whan I first cam to yow, right so," quod she,
"Lefte I my wyl and al my libertee,
And took youre clothyng, wherfore I yow preye,
Dooth youre plesaunce; I wol youre lust obeye.

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