Stanza 60


e' primieramente la punse con parole, mostrandosi turbato e dicendo che i suoi uomini pessimamente si contentavano di lei per la sua bassa condizione e spezialmente poi che vedevano che ella portava figliuoli, e della figliuola che nata era tristissimi altro che mormorar non facevano.

wherefore he began by afflicting her with his gibes, putting on a vexed air, and telling her that his vassals were most sorely dissatisfied with her by reason of her base condition, and all the more so since they saw that she was a mother, and that they did nought but most ruefully murmur at the birth of a daughter.


Solam igitur in thalamum sevocatam, turbida fronte sic alloquitur: «Nosti, o Griseldis, — neque enim presenti fortuna te preteriti tui status oblitam credo, — nosti, inquam, qualiter in hanc domum veneris.

Therefore, he called her alone into his chamber and addressed her thus, with troubled brow: "You know, Griselda – for I do not think that amid your present good fortune you have forgotten your former state – you know, I say, in what manner you came into this house.


I seye, Grisilde, this present dignitee
In which that I have put yow, as I trowe
Maketh yow nat foryetful for to be
That I yow took in povre estaat ful lowe
For any wele ye moot youreselven knowe.
475 Taak heede of every word that y yow seye,
Ther is no wight that hereth it but we tweye.

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