Stanza 105


Non dopo molto tempo Gualtieri fece venire sue lettere contraffatte da Roma e fece veduto a' suoi subditi il Papa per quelle aver seco dispensato di poter torre altra moglie e lasciar Griselda; per che, fattalasi venir dinanzi, in presenza di molti

Nor was it long before Gualtieri by counterfeit letters, which he caused to be sent to him from Rome, made his vassals believe that the Pope had thereby given him a dispensation to put Griselda away, and take another wife. Wherefore, having caused her to be brought before him,


Hec inter Valterius, solito ut uxorem retemptaret ingenio, doloris ac pudoris ad cumulum, in publicum adducte coram multis,

Walter, in the meanwhile, with his accustomed inclination to try his wife, even to the heights of grief and shame, led her forth before the multitude


Among al this, after his wikke usage,
This markys yet his wyf to tempte moore
To the outtreste preeve of hir corage,
Fully to han experience and loore,
If that she were as stidefast as bifoore,
He on a day in open audience
Ful boistously hath seyd hir this sentence.

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