Stanza 100


La donna, sentendo queste cose e parendole dovere sperare di ritornare a casa del padre e forse a guardar le pecore come altra volta aveva fatto e vedere a un'altra donna tener colui al quale ella voleva tutto il suo bene, forte in sé medesima si dolea; ma pur, come l'altre ingiurie della fortuna avea sostenute, cosí con fermo viso si dispose a questa dover sostenere.

Whereof the lady being apprised, and now deeming that she must look to go back to her father's house, and perchance tend the sheep, as she had aforetime, and see him, to whom she was utterly devoted, engrossed by another woman, did inly bewail herself right sorely: but still with the same composed mien with which she had borne Fortune's former buffets, she set herself to endure this last outrage.


nec operosum sane fuit alpestribus rudibusque animis quidlibet persuadere. Que fama cum ad Griseldis notitiam pervenisset, tristis, ut puto, sed ut que semel de se suisque de sortibus statuisset,

nor was it difficult, in fact, to convince those untutored Alpine folk of anything you pleased. When this rumor reached Griselda, she was sad, I think; but as one who had made her decision, once and for all, about herself and her destiny,


The rude peple, as it no wonder is,
Wenden ful wel that it hadde be right so;
But whan thise tidynges cam to Grisildis,
I deeme that hir herte was ful wo.
But she, ylike sad for everemo,
Disposed was, this humble creature,
The adversitee of Fortune al t'endure,

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