Stanza 141


ma quanto posso vi priego che quelle punture, le quali all'altra, che vostra fu, già deste, non diate a questa, ché appena che io creda che ella le potesse sostenere, sí perché piú giovane è e sí ancora perché in dilicatezze è allevata, ove colei in continue fatiche da piccolina era stata".

but with all earnestness I entreat you, that you spare her those tribulations which you did once inflict upon another that was yours, for I scarce think she would be able to bear them, as well because she is younger, as for that she has been delicately nurtured, whereas that other had known no respite of hardship since she was but a little child."


Unum bona fide te precor ac moneo: ne hanc illis aculeis agites quibus alteram agitasti, nam quod et iunior et delicatius enutrita est, pati quantum ego auguror non valeret».

One thing, in all good faith, I beg of you, one warning I give you: not to drive her with the goads with which you have driven another woman. For since she is younger and more delicately nurtured, I predict she would not be strong enough to bear so much."


O thyng biseke I yow, and warne also
That ye ne prikke with no tormentynge
This tendre mayden, as ye han doon mo;
For she is fostred in hir norissynge
Moore tendrely, and to my supposynge
She koude nat adversitee endure,
As koude a povre fostred creature."

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