Stanza 77


lui con essa ne mandò a Bologna a una sua parente, pregandola che, senza mai dire cui figliuola si fosse, diligentemente allevasse e costumasse.

sent him with the child to Bologna, to one of his kinswomen, whom he besought to rear and educate the child with all care, but never to let it be known whose child she was.


Bononiam deferret ad sororem suam, que illic comiti de Panico nupta erat, eamque sibi traderet alendam materno studio, et caris moribus instruendam, tanta preterea occultandam cura, ut cuius esset filia a nemine posset agnosci. Ivit ille illico, et solicite quod impositum ei erat implevit.

to Bologna, to Walter's sister, who had married the Count of Panago. He should hand the child over to her, to be cherished with maternal care, to be reared in gentle ways, and to be concealed, moreover, with so much care that no one could know whose daughter she was. The slave journeyed thither and fulfilled with care what had been laid upon him.


But at Boloigne to his suster deere,
590 That thilke tyme of Panik was countesse,
He sholde it take, and shewe hir this mateere,
Bisekynge hir to doon hir bisynesse
This child to fostre in alle gentillesse,
And whos child that it was, he bad hire hyde
595 From every wight, for oght that may bityde.

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