Stanza 64


Le quali parole udendo la donna, senza mutar viso o buon proponimento in alcuno atto, disse: "Signor mio, fa di me quello che tu credi che piú tuo onore e consolazion sia, che io sarò di tutto contenta, sí come colei che conosco che io sono da men di loro e che io non era degna di questo onore al quale tu per tua cortesia mi recasti."

Whereto Griselda, without the least change of countenance or sign of discomposure, made answer: "My lord, do with me as thou mayst deem best for thine own honour and comfort, for well I wot that I am of less account than they, and unworthy of this honourable estate to which of thy courtesy thou hast advanced me."


His auditis, nec verbo mota, nec vultu, «Tu» inquit «noster es dominus, et ego et hec parva filia tue sumus; de rebus tuis igitur fac ut libet,

She listened without a protesting word or glance. "You are our master," she said, "and both this little girl and I are yours. Do, therefore, as you will with your own;


Whan she had herd al this, she noght ameved
Neither in word, or chiere, or countenaunce;
For as it semed she was nat agreved.
She seyde, "Lord, al lyth in youre plesaunce,
My child, and I, with hertely obeisaunce
Been youres al, and ye mowe save and spille
Youre owene thyng, werketh after youre wille.

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