Stanza 119


but yet, I pray you, be pleased, in guerdon of the virginity that I brought you and take not away, to suffer me to bear hence upon my back a single shift--I crave no more--besides my dowry."

ma io vi priego, in premio della mia virginità che io ci recai e non ne la porto, che almeno una sola camiscia sopra la dota mia vi piaccia che io portar ne possa".


Quamobrem si tibi placet, et non aliter, oro atque obsecro ut in precium virginitatis quam huc attuli quamque non refero, unicam michi camisiam linqui iubeas earum quibus tecum uti soleo, qua ventrem tue quondam uxoris operiam».

Wherefore, if it please you – but not otherwise – I pray and beseech you, as the price of the maidenhood which I brought hither and do not take hence, bid me keep one shift, out of those I have been wont to wear, that I may cover therewith the belly of her who was once your wife."


Wherfore, in gerdoun of my maydenhede
Which that I broghte, and noght agayn I bere,
As voucheth sauf to yeve me to my meede
But swich a smok as I was wont to were,
That I therwith may wrye the wombe of here
That was your wyf. And heer take I my leeve
Of yow, myn owene lord, lest I yow greve."

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