Stanza 83


sí duramente si ramaricano che un nepote di Giannucolo dopo me debba rimaner lor signore:

so bitterly do they reproach me that a grandson of Giannucolo is to succeed me as their lord;


Dicunt enim — et sepe ad aures meas murmur hoc pervenit — “Obeunte igitur Valterio, Ianicule nepos nostri dominabitur, et tam nobilis patria tali domino subiacebit”. Multa quotidie in hanc sententiam iactantur in populis;

For they say – and the murmur of it comes often to my ears, – 'So, when Walter dies, Janicola's grandson shall rule over us, and so noble a land will be subject to such a master.' Each day many things of this tenor are current among my people;


Now sey they thus, `whan Walter is agon,
Thanne shal the blood of Janicle succede,
And been oure lord, for oother have we noon.'
Swiche wordes seith my peple, out of drede,
Wel oughte I of swich murmur taken heede,
For certeinly I drede swich sentence,
Though they nat pleyn speke in myn audience.

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