Stanza 116


No Analogue


paterne olim domus in limine spoliata meis, tuis induta vestibus ad te veni, neque omnino alia michi dos fuit quam fides et nuditas. Ecce igitur ut hanc vestem exuo, anulumque restituo quo me subarrasti;

for as I came to you long since, stripped at my father's threshold of all my clothes and clad in yours, I had no other dowry but nakedness and devotion. Lo, therefore, I strip off this dress and restore this ring, with which you wed me.


My lord, ye woot that in my fadres place
Ye dide me streepe out of my povre weede,
And richely me cladden of youre grace.
To yow broghte I noght elles, out of drede,
But feith, and nakednesse, and maydenhede.
And heere agayn my clothyng I restoore,
And eek my weddyng ryng for everemore.

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