Stanza 92


e se non fosse che carnalissima de' figliuoli, mentre gli piacea, la vedea, lei avrebbe creduto ciò fare per piú non curarsene, dove come savia lei farlo cognobbe.

And but that he had marked that she was most tenderly affectionate towards her children, while 'twas well pleasing to him, he had supposed that she was tired of them, whereas he knew that 'twas of her discretion that she so did.


sed cum suorum omnium valde, nullius erat amantior quam viri. Iussus inde Bononiam proficisci, eo illum tulit quo sororem tulerat. Poterant rigidissimo coniugi hec benivolentie et fidei coniugalis experimenta suffficere;

but while she was strongly attached to all that were hers, she loved no one better than her husband. The servant was then bidden to set off for Bologna and to take the boy where he had taken his sister. These trials of conjugal affection and fidelity would have been sufficient for the most rigorous of husbands;


But wel he knew that next hymself, certayn,
She loved hir children best in every wyse;
But now of wommen wolde I axen fayn,
If thise assayes myghte nat suffise,
What koude a sturdy housbonde moore devyse
To preeve hire wyfhod or hir stedefastnesse,
And he continuynge evere in sturdinesse?

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