Stanza 139


ma intra gli altri Griselda la lodava molto, e lei e il suo fratellino. Gualtieri, al qual pareva pienamente aver veduto quantunque disiderava della pazienza della sua donna, veggendo che di niente la novità delle cose la cambiava e essendo certo ciò per mentecattaggine non avvenire, per ciò che savia molto la conoscea, gli parve tempo di doverla trarre dell'amaritudine la quale estimava che ella sotto il forte viso nascosa tenesse; per che, fattalasi venire,

and Griselda joined with the rest in greatly commending her, and also her little brother. And now Gualtieri, sated at last with all that he had seen of his wife's patience, marking that this new and strange turn made not the least alteration in her demeanour, and being well assured that 'twas not due to apathy, for he knew her to be of excellent understanding, deemed it time to relieve her of the suffering which he judged her to dissemble under a resolute front; and so, having called her to him in presence of them all,


atque ipsa in primis puelle pariter atque infantis laudibus satiari nullo modo posset, sed vicissim modo virgineam, modo infantilem elegantiam predicaret. Valterius, eo ipso in tempore quo assidendum mensis erat in eam versus,

She, in her turn, could not grow weary of praising the maiden and the boy: now she extolled the maiden's beauty, now the boy's. Just as they were to sit down at the tables, Walter turned toward her


In al this meenewhile she ne stente
This mayde and eek hir brother to commende
With al hir herte, in ful benyngne entente,
So wel that no man koude hir pris amende
But atte laste, whan that thise lordes wende
To sitten doun to mete, he gan to calle
Grisilde, as she was bisy in his halle.

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