Stanza 140


in presenzia d'ogn'uomo sorridendo le disse: "Che ti par della nostra sposa?" "Signor mio,"rispose Griselda"a me ne par molto bene; e se cosí è savia come ella è bella, che 'l credo, io non dubito punto che voi non dobbiate con lei vivere il piú consolato signor del mondo;

he said with a smile: "And what thinkst thou of our bride?" "My lord," replied Griselda, "I think mighty well of her; and if she be but as discreet as she is fair--and so I deem her--I make no doubt but you may reckon to lead with her a life of incomparable felicity;


clara voce coram omnibus, quasi illudens, «Quid tibi videtur» inquit «de hac mea sponsa? Satis pulcra atque honesta est?». «Plane» ait illa «nec pulcrior ulla nec honestior inveniri potest. Aut cum nulla unquam, aut cum hac tranquillam agere poteris ac felicem vitam; utque ita sit cupio et spero.

and said before them all, as if he were making game of her, "What think you, Griselda, of this bride of mine? Is she pretty and worthy enough?" "Surely," said she, "no prettier or worthier could be found. Either with her or with no one, can you lead a life of tranquillity and happiness; and that you may find happiness is my desire and my hope.


"Grisilde," quod he, as it were in his pley,
"How liketh thee my wyf and hir beautee?"
"Right wel," quod she, "my lord, for in good fey
A fairer saugh I nevere noon than she.
I prey to God yeve hir prosperitee,
And so hope I that he wol to yow sende
Plesance ynogh unto youre lyves ende.

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