Stanza 133


La fanciulla era guardata da ogn'uomo, e ciascun diceva che Gualtieri aveva fatto buon cambio;

the eyes of all were set on the girl, and every one said that Gualtieri had made a good exchange,


Proxime lucis hora tertia, comes supervenerat; certatimque omnes et puelle et germani infantis mores ac pulcritudinem mirabantur. Erantque qui dicerent prudenter Valterium ac feliciter permutasse,

At the third hour of the next day, the count arrived; and all the people vied in commending the manners and the beauty of the maiden and her youthful brother. There were those who said that Walter had been fortunate and prudent in the change he made,


Abouten undren gan this Erl alighte,
That with hym broghte thise noble children tweye,
For which the peple ran to seen the sighte
Of hire array, so richely biseye;
And thanne at erst amonges hem they seye,
That Walter was no fool, thogh that hym leste
To chaunge his wyf, for it was for the beste.

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