Stanza 107


le disse: "Donna, per concession fattami dal Papa io posso altra donna pigliare e lasciar te; e per ciò che i miei passati sono stati gran gentili uomini e signori di queste contrade, dove i tuoi stati son sempre lavoratori, io intendo che tu piú mia moglie non sia, ma che tu a casa Giannucolo te ne torni con la dote che tu mi recasti, e io poi un'altra, che trovata n'ho convenevole a me, ce ne menerò".

he said to her in the presence of not a few: "Wife, by license granted me by the Pope, I am now free to put thee away, and take another wife; and, for that my forbears have always been great gentlemen and lords of these parts, whereas thine have ever been husbandmen, I purpose that thou go back to Giannucolo's house with the dowry that thou broughtest me; whereupon I shall bring home a lady that I have found, and who is meet to be my wife."


non michi licet quod cuilibet liceret agricole. Cogunt mei, et papa consentit, uxorem me alteram habere, iamque uxor in via est statimque aderit.

it is not permitted me to do what any peasant may. My people compel me – and the Pope consents – to take another wife. Already my wife is on her way, and presently she will be here.


I may nat doon as every plowman may;
My peple me constreyneth for to take
Another wyf, and crien day by day,
And eek the pope, rancour for to slake,
Consenteth it, that dar I undertake -
And trewely thus muche I wol yow seye,
My newe wyf is comynge by the weye.

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