Stanza 87


No Analogue


Nempeque si future tue voluntatis essem prescia, ante etiam quicquid id esset et velle et cupere inciperem, quam tu velles; nunc animum tuum, quem prevenire non possum, libens sequor. Fac sentiam tibi placere quod moriar, volens moriar,

Nay, if I could foresee your future wishes, I should begin beforehand, whatever it might be, to wish and desire what you wish. Now I gladly follow your desire, which I cannot anticipate. Suppose it pleased you that I should die, I would die gladly;


And certes, if I hadde prescience
Youre wyl to knowe, er ye youre lust me tolde,
I wolde it doon withouten necligence.
But now I woot your lust and what ye wolde,
Al youre plesance ferme and stable I holde,
For wiste I that my deeth wolde do yow ese,
Right gladly wolde I dyen yow to plese.

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