Stanza 79


No Analogue


par alacritas atque sedulitas, solitum obsequium, idem amor, nulla tristitia, nulla filie mentio, nunquam sive ex proposito sive incidenter nomen eius ex ore matris auditum.

equal alacrity and diligence, her accustomed complaisance, the same love, no sadness, no mention of her daughter! Never did the girl's name fall upon her mother's lips, either by design or by chance.


As glad, as humble, as bisy in servyse,
And eek in love, as she was wont to be,
Was she to hym in every maner wyse,
Ne of hir doghter noght a word spak she.
Noon accident for noon adversitee
Was seyn in hire, ne nevere hir doghter name
Ne nempned she, in ernest nor in game.

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