Stanza 118


e se voi giudicate onesto che quel corpo nel quale io ho portati i figliuoli da voi generati sia da tutti veduto, io me n'andrò ignuda;

And if you deem it seemly that that body in which I have borne children, by you begotten, be beheld of all, naked will I depart;


nisi quod indignum reor ut hic uterus in quo filii fuerunt quos tu genuisti, populo nudus appareat.

save that I think it unseemly that this belly, in which the children you begot were shaped, should appear naked before the people.


Ye koude nat doon so dishonest a thyng,
That thilke wombe in which your children leye,
Sholde biforn the peple in my walkyng
Be seyn al bare; wherfore I yow preye,
Lat me nat lyk a worm go by the weye!
Remembre yow, myn owene lord so deere,
I was your wyf, though I unworthy weere.

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