Stanza 67


informato un suo famigliare, il mandò a lei,

he sent her a message by a servant.


cuius opera gravioribus in negotiis uti consueverat, quid agi vellet edoctum, ad uxorem misit, qui ad eam noctu veniens,

a most faithful man, whose services he was wont to use in his most weighty affairs, and whom he instructed in the task before him. The fellow, coming to Griselda by night, said to her,


A maner sergeant was this privee man,
The which that feithful ofte he founden hadde
In thynges grete, and eek swich folk wel kan
Doon execucioun on thynges badde.
The lord knew wel that he hym loved and dradde;-
And whan this sergeant wiste the lordes wille,
Into the chambre he stalked hym ful stille.

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